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for Churches

Designed with churches at the forefront of the development process, Tabernacle Church Management Software help Pastors, Church Secretaries, and Accountants to work smarter and save valuable time.

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See how Church Management is made easy with Tabernacle

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Say goodbye to tedious manual processes

The problem!

Old Church register
This is a manual cash book to be replaced by Church Accounting Software

Are you still wasting your precious time preparing yearly financial reports, or going through multiple bulky and outdated registers to find Church Members' information? 

Experience a New Level of Efficiency!

Church Budget & Accounting

Church Accounting Software from Tabernacle
Church Account Software with financial report generation tool
  • Create your yearly Church Budget and allocate amounts to the various Expenditure Heads.

  • Keep track of your payments, from the office supplies you purchase every month to the employee salary.

  • Generate monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly or yearly financial reports with a few mere clicks.

Manage your people information

Member management feature of Tabernacle Church Management Software
Member management feature of Tabernacle Church Management Software
  • People are the heart of your church, and our software can help you keep up with your people.

  • Search and find information on people in seconds using the intuitive designs and lightning-fast response time of our software.

  • Everything your Church maintains- from Baptism Records to Marriage & Transfer Records, you can securely access with the click of a button.

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